Hello Friends,

A playroom is a magical space for kids to play and learn. For parents it can be a bit of a nightmare. Toys, art supplies and dress up clothes litter the floor and nothing ever seems to be organized. It doesn’t have to be this way! The boys and I worked together finding a spot for everything and create a playroom that the kids can use and enjoy, and a room that stays organized!

We first started with a empty room, and man was that hard… so many toys! A fresh start is the key!Sort everything into different piles. Having the kids involved is very important. Even make a donation pile, explain to the kids that it’s time for another little boy or girl to enjoy a toy that they haven’t played with in a long time or outgrown. We take our kids with us and have them drop off the stuff… they even wave bye and say have fun with someone else ♥️

Finding functional furniture. Moving this around to make the room feel comfortable and fun is important! Pull out bins are awesome, and you don’t need to fill them up all the way. Even label them with tags or pictures with what goes inside. It’s makes clean up easier! Small bags and bins for the smaller toys, and drawers for all millions train toys!

Make a Art & Craft wall. Somewhere to display all the great work! We added paint splattered decals bought off Amazon and a wall clothes clip from Target to hold up the crafts! Our LEGO wall is a lot of fun for little creative minds! The boys play with it for hours, we pull up different LEGO designs online and recreate them on the wall. We also added a magnet board on the wall from Amazon. Melissa and Doug offer many educational magnets that your child will enjoy and learn at the same time!

Sorting toys! Some items, like play food and dishes, can be stored in 3 drawer carts. (We used different sized ones for the train tracks). No need to break it down by set or specific type of food. Lump it all together and make it easy for kids to access and put away.

Puzzles are awesome, super educational but made of nothing but loose pieces, style of toys. I’ve seen all kinds of ways to organize puzzles from magazine stackers to stacking them in bins. Using a file folder is by far my favorite tip for organizing puzzles. It helps your child learn to play with one at a time and to put each one away. You can find Plastic Envelopes with String Closure at Amazon, Target and even the Dollar Store! You can stack up on top of each other or put them in a bin or Tupperware.

Add to your walls! Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and Target have amazing wall decals! Filling up the walls with stuff your kids love makes it feel more personal and enjoyable! We mixed up dinosaurs, construction and motivational quotes! It made the room brighter!

Reuse your plastic bags! Sometimes the the box a toy or blocks come in break or rip. We bought monster trucks that came in a cute clear bag, we put the monster trucks in the bin with all the other vehicles and reused the bag for our marble maze! Same with our wooden blocks! You can use zip lock bags! Anything clear and closable is perfect!

Bins are always fun! Divide your toys! Bowling pings in one and balls in another. We’ve made a bin for vehicles, magic track, dinosaurs, action figures and so much more. It’s okay if it’s not filled all the way! Helps keep it organized! Your child can pull the bin out, play and put it all back!

I know this is a lot of work but I promise it’ll be worth it! Enjoy ♥️


Mama Baydoun

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