My kids love to make pasta necklaces! It’s a super fun, easy and learning activity. This is a fast and easy project to keep the kids busy, and a fun way to have little ones to work on painting and bead stringing motor skills. Here’s what you’ll need!

The first step is dying the pasta! There are many different methods you can do. Here are the two that are easy and we love.



  • rubbing alcohol
  • food coloring
  • uncooked pastas of your choice
  • plastic cup or zip-lock bag
  • plastic spoon
  • cookie sheet
  • lots of paper towels!


Grab 1-2 cups of pasta and place into a plastic cup or zip-lock bag. Cover the pasta with rubbing alcohol. Add approximately 15-20 drops of food coloring (depending how strong you want the color, more drops = more vibrant noodles). Use a plastic spoon to mix in the cup or zip up the bag and mix it up with your hands. Keep mixing until the liquid is absorbed in the pasta. You can repeat this method with different types of noodles and various colors. Leave the pasta in the cup or bag for 2 hours, the longer the bolder the color. When the pasta is dyed to your liking, add paper towel on the cookie sheet and pour the pasta on the paper towel (one color at a time). I don’t recommend doing this directly on your counter because it can stain from the food coloring. Once the noodles are completely dry, it’s crafting time!



  • water
  • Kool-aid packets
  • zip-lock bags


Place 1-2 cups of pasta in zip-lock bag and set aside. Combine 1 packet of Kool-aid with 1/8 cups of hot water, stir until it dissolved. Once cooled down, pour Kool-aid mixture into zip-lock bag and seal tightly. Repeat this process for each Kool-aid color you are making. Once all bags are sealed tightly, pass them off to kids and have them mix and shake them until the noodles are fully saturated in color. Open the bags and leave the noodles to dry inside the zip-lock bags. Only down part about this method: it takes approximately 4 hours to dry. Once the noodles are fully dry, it’s crafting time!

These two methods are a bit time consuming but you can always make large batches of noodles and store them a Tupperware for future crafting and sensory play!



  • Dyed noodles
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)


Cut yarn to the length desired and string one noodle and tie a knot about 1 inch into the yarn (shown in photo). You can have your child string the noodles or you can tape the end where the one inch is to the table than have them start stringing the noodles (this helps hold the necklace in place and the noodles don’t fall off when your child picks up the yarn).

Allow time for your kiddos to explore the pasta – they’re going to want to touch it and examine it before they settle down and get to work. After exploring, it’s “beading” time! While the kids are stringing the noodles, ask them to point out different color and shapes (you can make crafting educational).Once the kids have fully strung all the noodles, take the end of yarn, string it with the noodle you tied in the first step and tie it. That allows you to have to have fully oval necklace and the noodles will be all touching perfectly.

If your toddler has trouble stringing the noodles, you can attach a plastic needle to the yard to help the stringing method.

You can also get a hot glue gun and other (hole-less) noddles to your necklace, such as bow-tie noodles.

These are perfect Mother’s Day gift, Birthday gifts or just because I love you gift.

Hope your little one enjoys this as much as mine did!


Mama Baydoun


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