Lava Lamp in 5 Minutes

Here is a fun DIY lava lamp that you can do with things already in your house! This is a fun activity with a bit of science behind it. This DIY lava lamp requires no heat or electricity.  It is a perfect science project and indoor activity. It is not messy!

Here’s What You Need:


Grab a vase or a empty water bottle and fill it with about 1/3 of water and a few drops of food coloring of your choice. Stir it up or shack it up if you are using a water bottle.

Gently pour vegetable oil down the side of the container (tilt the vase while pouring). Oil does not mix with water, so the liquids will form layers.

Now for the magic and time to make it fizz! Add two Alka Seltzer tablets and watch the lava form! You can add the lid if you are using a water bottle. Enjoy watching your own lava lamp.

Don’t throw it away, after all the fizz goes away you can either add more Alka Seltzers to make it fizz again or set it aside and bring it out a few days later. You just need to add Alka Seltzers again.

Fun Science Facts to explain while the lava is forming:

The Alka Seltzer tablets contain organic acids and baking soda. When you drop them in the water, it sinks to the bottom and starts dissolving. In water, these substances react to release carbon dioxide gas. The gas bubbles pull the water to the surface and when the bubbles burst, the colored water will sink back to the bottom.

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