Blippi Birthday Party

Our little guy turned 3 and he’s obsessed with Blippi! During the pandemic, it’s hard to plan a lot of things but everything worked in our favor and we had a blast!

All the Blippi outfits that Zak wore are from Blippi website. And I made the See You Later Excavator shirts for us (let me know if you’re interested in one).

Blippi theme is a wide range of stuff, from construction to dinosaurs to arts and crafts! Since we had the party in the backyard, I wanted to come up with some stuff for the kids to do. Rather than seeing them fight over the swings and slides. We set up two long tables with six chairs on each side for all the kids!

Each table setting had the following for every kid! I made a personalized apron with the child’s name and colorful paint splatters around it. I used both medium and large aprons, depending on the child’s size. I’m selling them if you are interested.

Each child got a pair of orange framed glasses. I also bought kids and adult sizes! I got these paint pallets from amazon, added a glass piggyback airplane for the kids to paint with washable crayola paint. We only did the three primary colors to keep it simple and less messy. We also set three paint brushes for the kids to use for each color so we didn’t have to set any water for them to keep dipping and risk a larger mess. The kids had a blast! It was silent during the painting part with how focused every child was.

We had all of the birthday boys favorites for dinner time! We ordered Pizza and chicken nuggets from Detroit Pizza Factory! The nuggets were a success!! I made Mac and Cheese in the Crockpot (Boil elbow noodles, in the Crockpot add cooked noodles, whole block of Velveta cheese, 3 cups of sharp cheddar cheese and a cup or two of unsweetened almond milk. Cook on low for three hours and keep mixing). I made a 9-layered bean dip (vegetarian refried beans, guacamole, sour cream and taco seasoning mixed, salsa, Mexican cheese, sliced black olives, cherry tomatoes, corn and green onions). Lastly, I made a Caesar salad with extra croutons since it’s the birthday boys favorite!

After everyone ate, it was time to decorate cupcakes! Instead of everyone digging their hands in the center of bowls of sprinkles, I used more paint pallets and filled them with 8 different sprinkles, candy corn and mini chocolate chips. Added a plain chocolate or vanilla cupcake in the center for the kids to decorate! That was a huge success! The kids went to town! Some just ate the sprinkles and cupcakes separate another made a tower on their cupcakes. Love to see everyone’s imagination!

The dessert table turned out so cute! We ordered the Blippi table cover, banner, plates and napkins off Amazon. I had a little too much fun with my Cricut! I added Zak’s name to the banner, and a ton of little decals on the garage. I also made this super cute Blippi cake topper. Made orange and blue jello, triple chocolate Ghirardelli brownies and my friend made these adorable Blippi cookies! My sister made this beautiful blue and orange cake! When we sang happy birthday, we blew the candle off a cupcake and not the cake due to Covid precaution!

The birthday was a huge success! We surprised Zak morning of his birthday with a beautiful happy birthday sign in front of the yard by Noah’s Signs. He also surprised Zak with a super cute Blippi decal next to his name!

We were really worried throwing a party in our backyard in the end of September but everything turned out perfectly and all the kids were so happy. Especially our little birthday boy! Happiest Birthday Zak! We love you 🧡💙

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Xo, Mama Baydoun

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