Coin Recognition Matching Games

Learning money and coin value can be hard for your toddler. Here is a fun way to make it fun, exciting, hands on and most importantly not overwhelming. These games were a huge success in our home and I wanted to share the fun! I am not sure what age you’re supposed to learn about money but I think once your child knows how to count and recognize numbers it is a fun new subject to learn! These games are perfect because it primarily focuses on the kids to familiarize the different types of coins such as size, color and appearance.

Here are two free printable work sheets for coin recognition.

These worksheets are fun and reusable. Your little one can sort the coins in different ways and it helps them familiarize the difference between each coin.

Ask questions, such as: How many cents do you think this coin is? Because this coin (nickle) is larger, is it’s worth larger than a dime? What are the different colors? What do you see on the front and back? And so on.

Watching him concentrate is so amazing. Learning to count money is boring and these are fun and much more exciting way to learn for your little one.

Coin Value Recognition can be very frustrating. This coin value recognition and counting activity is a fun way of sorting coins into a muffin tin. Touching the money and getting to understand what a quarter, dime, nickel and penny feel like is really cool for kids. Kids need to feel the money and be more hands on so they can learn how to count it and eventually use it.

Supplies: Muffin pan, baking cups, sharpie, play money or real money (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Directions: Line a muffin pan with baking cups and use a sharpie to write different money amounts on the center inside of the baking cups.

Have children fill in the baking cups using coins, counting the appropriate amount of money for each baking cup.

Don’t forget to check their work when done.

You can repeat this concept and rearrange the baking cups and have them do it again. Or give them more coins to sort.

For older kids, have them count coins up ti one dollar. It is the same concept above, just make the amount higher and the kids will have to combine multiple coins to obtain the correct answer.

This concept can be used for various age groups. Once your little one masters the recognition, they can move onto counting money.

Since Zayn is still learning the difference between the coins, he made a little cheat sheet to look at while is was sorting the coins in the muffin tin. He put two coins in each square, showing the front and back of each coin.

Kids need to learn about the importance of learning about money because it is a concept that they will need for the rest of their life. Kids will need to know about money at a young age to do the math.

This concept is so much fun! I hope your little ones enjoys is as much as mine did! Don’t forget to tag @mamabaydoun on Facebook and Instagram with your posts. We love to see our friends work with our worksheets and concepts!

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