Rhyming Game with Sight Words

Here is a fun sight word learning activity! Like my Instagram and Facebook posts I made our own by:

Grabbing two sheets of construction paper (different colors). Cut one in four long rectangles and the other paper cut two smaller rectangles. Cut a slot on the smaller rectangles so you can move the larger one up and down. You can use the one small rectangle got two sight words, just flip it over and write on the opposite side.

Little tip: write an, ad, am and at in the top corner of the longer rectangles to help your kids remember which card goes with each other. Once your child masters all the A word families, move onto the O, and I families. Such as:

A: am, at, an, ab, ap, ag, ad.
O: ob, op, ot, od, ob, ock.
I: im, in, ip, id, ig, it, ick.

Since everyone loved our idea and a few moms asked me to make a worksheet, I took a little poll on Instagram and a lot of people answered yes. Here is the first worksheet you can print out tonight to do with your little one! Started out with the two basic AT and AN.

And just like that, your little one will learn how to read through play! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Enjoy. Don’t forget to tag @mamabaydoun in your posts!

I love feedback! If you thought this was interesting, please let me know so I can make more!



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