Mario Birthday Party

Last weekend, our oldest turned 5 years old! He loves Mario Kart and science experiments, so we put it together and made it: Mario went to the science lab. During the pandemic and numbers going up, we had to get creative and made it work safely!

The boys wore matching Mario sweatshirts made by me, check out my Etsy page: ByLalasCreations. My husband and I wore Mario t-shirts and I added Mama and Baba on them.

With a theme: Mario went to the science lab, I had to get creative. We decorated everything Mario and did a science experiment as the activity. We set up two 6 foot tables, with 4 chairs spread out on both sides. Added a Mario table cover and I made Mario hats for each child, added each child’s initial like the M for Mario. The kids looked so cute in their hats!

I created a slime kit for child. I got the idea from Educational Insights. We’ve made slime made times before, but they recommended some items to add to the slime and that was a total hit!

Slime Kit

Each kids got: one plate, one Elmer’s glue, a wooden stick and three mini cups labeled 1-3.

Cup one: 1/2 teaspoon on baking soda and 2 Tablespoons of water.

Cup two: 1.5 Tablespoon contact solution

Cup three: glitter and playfoam

Having the ingredients already measured and separated made the process smoother and fun for everyone. Each kid sat down and I directed them step by step on how to make slime. Parents stepped in and helped their child, the kids had so much fun! It was a super easy clean up and the slime fit perfectly in the 4 oz cups that we used for the steps. The kids got to take the slime home with them.

We had all of the birthday boys favorites for dinner time! We ordered Pizza and chicken nuggets from Detroit Pizza Factory! The nuggets were a success!! We made Mac and Cheese in the Crockpot (Boil elbow noodles, in the Crockpot add cooked noodles, whole block of Velveta cheese, 3 cups of sharp cheddar cheese and a cup or two of unsweetened almond milk. Cook on low for three hours and keep mixing). We made a 7-layered bean dip (vegetarian refried beans, guacamole, sour cream and taco seasoning mixed, salsa, Mexican cheese, sliced black olives, and corn). Lastly, we made a Caesar salad with extra croutons. We decided to make the same dinner menu as our youngest birthday dinner menu since it was a huge hit. And once again, it was a success!

The dessert table turned out amazing! Our birthday boy was super happy! The table cover, balloon arch kit, plates, napkins and banner were all from Amazon. I made all the Mario decals for extra touches on the garage. My mom surprised Zayn with the 60″ Mario balloon and other Mario balloons from Party City, he was so happy. And she got three boxes and wrapped them up with blue, red and green wrapping paper to add to our decor. The balloon arch took about a hour to make. The night before we blew up all balloons to save time and we used a electric balloon pump, highly recommend it!

We left the balloons all over the floor in the living room, Zayn was super happy in the AM when he came down the stairs.

My sister made the awesome cake, I made the cake topper (sold on my Etsy page). We made brownies using this Wilton Pan so every piece has for perfect corners, plus it looks neater. My my mom made cake pudding cups. I made sugar cookies, used a number 5 and star cookie cutter and added blue and yellow (turned more orange) food coloring. Lastly, we got the birthday boy’s favor cheese balls and added them to snack size zip-lock bags (covid safety) and added them into two red large cups.

It all turned out amazingly and huge success! We surprised Zayn morning of his birthday party with a beautiful happy birthday sign in front of the yard by Noah’s Signs. They also surprised Zayn with a super cute Mario Kart decal and displayed them as if there was a live game playing on our lawn! We’ve worked with Noah’s Signs many times and they never disappointed us. If you are in the Metro Detroit area, we highly recommend them!!

We were really worried throwing a party in our backyard during a pandemic in the first week of November. However, it was 72 degrees and everything turned out perfectly and all the kids were so happy. Especially our birthday boy! Happiest Birthday Zayn! We love you! 

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Xo, Mama Baydoun

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