Rhyming Game with Sight Words

Here is a fun sight word learning activity! Like my Instagram and Facebook posts I made our own by: Grabbing two sheets of construction paper (different colors). Cut one in four long rectangles and the other paper cut two smaller rectangles. Cut a slot on the smaller rectangles so you can move the larger oneContinue reading “Rhyming Game with Sight Words”

Coin Recognition Matching Games

Learning money and coin value can be hard for your toddler. Here is a fun way to make it fun, exciting, hands on and most importantly not overwhelming. These games were a huge success in our home and I wanted to share the fun! I am not sure what age you’re supposed to learn aboutContinue reading “Coin Recognition Matching Games”

Lava Lamp in 5 Minutes

Here is a fun DIY lava lamp that you can do with things already in your house! This is a fun activity with a bit of science behind it. This DIY lava lamp requires no heat or electricity.  It is a perfect science project and indoor activity. It is not messy! Here’s What You Need:Continue reading “Lava Lamp in 5 Minutes”

Let’s Talk Alphabets

Letters A – H Learning to right the alphabets can be a little challenging for your little one. Try to make it fun! Tracing is a great way to start. Here are a few free worksheets to start your little one with. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and keep up with all theContinue reading “Let’s Talk Alphabets”

Underwater Volcano (all ages)

Science experiments at home are a lot of fun! Who doesn’t love hot lava but that can be pretty messy. Here’s a fun mess-free experiment for all ages with a simple to set up! You probably already have all the supplies at home! Materials: 2 clear containers (glass preferred), make sure one container is largeContinue reading “Underwater Volcano (all ages)”